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LegalBikes are always and everywhere available!

With just a few easy steps you can find your LegalBike. By using your location it is super easy to find a bike near you.

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Four simple steps to buy a legal bike:

  1. Open our app
  2. Find your bike on the map
  3. Buy it
  4. Get the code and location

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Always a bike near by starting at €69

Because you just want to have an affordable bike, we offer you a complete bike with a lock and lights for a fixed low price!

No surprises afterwards and 14 days warranty!

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Your Legalbike is locked with a convenient combination lock, you receive the code directly on your phone so you can use your bike right away!

Forgot the code? No worries, we sent it to your e-mail as well!

What are you waiting for? Find your new bike today!

Everything works in your browser, no download is needed!

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